The TEI International Leadership School

Class 1: Genesis 1-3 and the Power to Interpret the Bible and Address the Toughest Questions in Life


[In person, via live-streaming, or online]

[Classes 2-7 cover the rest of the Bible, church history and world religions]


Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-8:45, September 26, October 3, 10, 17, 2018


Crossroads Community Cathedral, 1492 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT (turn right at the end of the Spencer Street exit off I-384 East).



There are three ways to participate:


  • Watch the classes via live-streaming (register at

  • Watch the classes online or via live-streaming (join


   For those desiring a TEI International Leadership School Certificate (in Biblical Literacy 101), for all seven classes (see, there is an additional cost per class per person. An online exam is given for each class, graded, and a 3.0 GPA is necessary for successful completion. Those who so do will gain a biblical literacy and confidence in living and sharing the Gospel in a pagan and secular world.


   Textbook: Genesis and the Power of True Assumptions (available at



How Well Do We Know the Whole Bible?

And in the Face of a Hostile Culture?


Some of the many questions that will arise in this class include:


  • How does the Bible interpret itself?

  • How is the Bible structured, and why?

  • What is the nature of good and evil? Of God and the devil? Of freedom?

  • What is the nature of human sexuality, and why do nations rise and fall on this question?

  • How do we answer those who say: “Don’t impose your religion on me”?

  • Who is Yahweh Elohim in comparison to Allah and other gods?

  • Why is the political world the most ill-served mission field for the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah?