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Further Questions Addressed to Both Speakers:

  • What is your understanding of “sexual immorality” as used in the New Testament?
  • Jesus’ reply to the question about the 7 brothers who had the same wife as one after another died was that in heaven they are like the angels, neither marrying nor giving in marriage, etc. Is sexual orientation a thing of the present world only?
  • What is the Hebrew translation of Genesis 1 that Dr. Rankin’s paper referred to?
  • How do you justify your position about homosexuality using the Bible as your only source?
  • As the Mosaic Law and the laws of Leviticus speak to what is wrong or sinful, is there a level of sin that is tolerated?
  • Do you believe that the homosexual lifestyle is by choice alone or are there other determinants?
  • Why do you think male gays try to molest younger boys and force their lifestyle on them and never let them escape?
  • If a young person boy/girl comes to a homosexual pastor with a question of their sexuality, what direction will that pastor send the child?
  • Why in the life of our Moravian Church must we now make such a decision? After all, to condone homosexuality will likely drive a wedge into our church. Don’t we have more important issues, like bringing people to Jesus Christ?
  • Has the committee taken into consideration that an affirmative decision on this subject will most likely split the southern province of the Moravian Church?
  • Adultery is lots of fun and makes many happy. Will adultery be the next activity condoned by the church?

Questions Addressed to Rev. Parker

  • We We heard the story of Rev. Parker’s life and why we should respect homosexuality, but we never heard reasons why we should accept the marriage – that is what I wanted to hear.
  • Do we follow Jesus or man?
  • Bible has nothing positive toward homosexuality – only against. If the Bible is true it is a sin. If it is untrue, then the bible is a lie. If you are calling God a liar, you are the same as Eve, not believing God by listening to Satan. And now the Church wants to call God a liar. What is the difference?
  • How do you see the words of the Apostle Paul? Do you consider Paul’s words the “word of God”?
  • Why did she not adhere to the gospel before preaching it, because the clear teaching of the Bible states in 1 Cor. 6:9-10 that no homosexual will have any part in the kingdom of God.
  • I’m interested in hearing more about your pre-adolescent feelings of being “different”. I’m also interested in more information (perhaps statistics) on how the “spectrum of sexuality” is populated. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • Members of the Joint Board of Ardmore Moravian Are aware that they are responsible for the actions of its membership and its leaders. How do we protect our board members and Church from Legal Liability if we expose it to all LifeStyles? Are we protected by our insurance coverages if we knowingly invite people who may expose our congregation to acts that may be inappropriate or carry criminal liabilities?
  • How can we walk through God’s Acre and see all gravestones as equal … and not embrace as all humans are equal?
  • Will the Moravian Church be able to hold its motto as true if the non-essential of “who we love” is not accepted?

Questions Addressed to Rev. Rankin

  • Did I hear you correctly when you said all “other sexualities other than heterosexuality advance human brokenness”? Doesn’t heterosexuality, which is far more prevalent than homosexuality, advance far more human brokenness when we think of rape, sexual abuse, infidelity, sexual trafficking, etc., etc., etc.?
  • Why choose a message that is too above the average listener?
  • Jesus speaks of marriage between a man and a woman in Matt. 19 and Mark 10 in the context of stating a person who divorces and marries another commits adultery. Since we no longer follow Jesus’ conclusion with regard to divorce, why is his preamble still valid?
  • Please describe your process or methodology to determine which statements or commands in the Bible are timeless and eternal and which are culturally conditioned.
  • Where does Jesus address traditional marriage in the Bible? Where does Jesus talk about “pornia”? Or was that Paul?
  • If the biblical view of marriage is one man and one woman, why is there so much polygamy in the Bible?
  • Are sexual variations intended by God or an aberration of God’s intention of male and female?
  • It seemed from your opening remarks about the conversation with some lesbian women that you were attributing their homosexuality to early sexual abuse.
  • Are you suggesting with your opening remarks on the lack of loving fathers, that if loving fathers were present in all families, there would be no homosexuals?
  • Is there a study supporting your assumption that homosexuality is a result of abuse, that is supported by academic standards? Why do you feel that it cannot be a way in which someone is born?
  • Do you affirm intersexed persons as being part of God’s good creation?

Questions Addressed to No One in Particular

  • Why no presentation from the conservative viewpoint. Get rep. from Bob Jones U. or Southeastern Baptist Seminary.
  • If not the church, who will show love and grace to the sinner but lead them to the truth of Scripture?
  • Please relay old and new testament scripture regarding homosexuality and the covenant of marriage. If our church is to uphold scripture, then should the church discourage the behavior as it does other sins? Should the clergy be held to abstain from homosexual behavior?
  • Can bisexual births be seen as defects in the gene pool that once was “pure” before the “fall”?
  • How important is God’s word in coming to a decision about whether the Moravian Church will ordain practicing homosexuals?
  • Why invite open sin into the church? They want the church to affirm a lifestyle of sin – please do not accept this – the church is rapidly declining.