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Cutting Law by 99% and Cutting Government and Taxes by 50%

And Setting All People Free from the Enslaving Control of the State


Click here for the Preamble and Declaration of Rights for a proposed rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution and General Laws


w/John Rankin


Television Show, Beginning on SCTV, and its YouTube Channel, December, 2018


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In this series, John Rankin will look at any question surrounding the place and nature of the Bible in political life, inviting guests from the widest theological and political perspectives to participate in an open-ended discussion.

  • John’s politics seek to be fully biblical, and in the penultimate sense, he is a pro-life libertarian. This means that that all people are free in their individual and family choices, so long as they do not interfere with the unalienable rights given by the Creator to all others — their lives, liberties and property. And in present political discourse, there is much debate over how these terms are defined. John is presently working on a PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (though on a leave of absence in 2018-2019), and earned his M.Div. at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Th.M. in Ethics and Public Policy at Harvard Divinity School, both many years ago. His present thesis addresses the work of the late Jewish political theologian, Daniel J. Elazar, who focuses on the language of covenant and freedom in the Hebrew Bible, its impact on the Protestant Reformation and thus, on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. In Elazar’s definition of Hebrew federalism — that of limited government, of checks and balances on political power — he sets the table for religious, political and economic liberty. Such biblical federalism is the basis for the simplest, just and most transparent government possible.

There are two tracks that will run roughly parallel, and also interface with a guest driven focus.

Track 1 (political focus): In John Rankin’s book The Six Pillars of Honest Politics, he defines 1) the pre-partisan; 2) the pro-life libertarian; 3) a proposal to reduce Connecticut law from 17,000 pages (as of 2006) to 36 pages and 4) a proposal to reduce federal law from 48,000 pages (as of 2006) to 24 pages — in other words, by more than 99% in both cases. This equals 1) simplicity; 2) trust; and 3) checks and balances on power; which yields 4) liberty, justice and prosperity. First Connecticut, then federal law, and for other states to model as well.

  • Here, John will address his proposal for Connecticut law, seeking guests from all political perspectives for their input. With the existential financial crisis in current state government, John argues this is the only path forward. And in due course, for federal law as well. Click here for the Preamble and Declaration of Rights for a proposed rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution and General Laws, followed by a summation of thirty specific proposed changes.

Track 2 (theological focus): 

  • Here, John’s guests are invited to select the topics or questions of their interest, from their own perspectives, and this will be the basis for the conversation that follows. Their starting point of interest is the focus, from any angle on any subject, whether biblical or otherwise. John’s interest is to see how well the biblical and pro-life libertarian understanding address any and all questions and subject matters in the political culture and beyond.

The show begins on SCTV (Simsbury Community Television) in December, 2018 (first airing date to be announced when scheduled), and once the first two 1-hour shows are taped, they will be forwarded for consideration to all public access television stations in Connecticut, via local sponsors.