[these questions can be posed to any federal and state legislators and candidates, and please forward any results to teii@teii.org]

Two Multiple-Choice Questions for Any and All Legislators


In biological terms, when does an individual human life begin?

Mark a cross X next to the answer you prefer. Only mark one.

  1. Conception [  ]
  2. Viability [  ]
  3. Birth [  ]
  4. Write-in [  ]: specify a different biological term ___________


To what extent is human abortion driven by male irresponsibility?

Mark a cross X next to the answer you prefer. Only mark one.

  1. Very Much [   ]
  2. Somewhat [   ]
  3. Very little [   ]

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Office held ________________________________________________________________

Candidate for Office ______________________________________________________


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House of Lords 17 October 2017

Text of John Rankin’s address on the occasion of the 500th annive5rsary of the Reformation.