Changing the Language of the Abortion Debate:

Two Questions for Political Leaders

John C. Rankin


Our strategy starts with surveying all members of the State Legislatures, then the U.S. Congress, to answer the following, and we will publish the results as we progress.

Human Abortion and a Process of Informed Choice

We recognize that the U.S. Constitution defines three principal arenas of unalienable human rights, and with a specific order – life, liberty and property.

The 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision left the beginning of individual biological human life undefined. We believe this matter should be addressed. If there is no consensus on the biological beginning of individual human life, let it be shown, and the status quo of Roe v. Wade will hold and be strengthened. If, however, a clear consensus emerges, let it be instructive.

In biological terms, when does an individual human life begin?

Mark a cross X next to the answer you prefer. Only mark one.

  1. Conception [  ]
  2. Viability [  ]
  3. Birth [  ]
  4. Write-in [  ]: specify a different biological term ___________

The educational power and public debate over this question will accrue to the truth, and an overwhelming majority will affirm that “Conception is it.”

Then, this question needs to be referred to a public non-binding vote at the state and federal levels. We will thus gain the driver’s seat, initially framing the new language of the abortion debate.


Also, a second questions is pursued simultaneously and for the same purpose:

Human Abortion and Male Irresponsibility

We recognize that the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision does not address the role of fathers or male responsibility. As well, we recognize that in the overwhelming number of abortion decisions, the man has left the relationship and refuses accountability.

To what extent is human abortion driven by male irresponsibility?

Mark a cross X next to the answer you prefer. Only mark one.

  1. Very Much [   ]
  2. Somewhat [   ]
  3. Very little [   ]


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