TEI Classes (www.teiclasses.org)

Biblical Theology 101 and the Mission Field of Politics

Taught by John C. Rankin


Historically, the TEI Classes have aimed to cover the whole Bible, church history and a review of pagan religions and secular constructs in eight classes. The TEI Classes are taught online and in person:

  • In person-classes will take place under when the next opportunity affords.

In both contexts, the formal eight classes are taught in a continuum:

1] Genesis 1-19 and the Power to Interpret the Whole Bible and Life.

  • The interpretive leverage of Genesis 1-3, in defining the story line of creation, sin and redemption, and its immediate outworking in Genesis 4-19, interprets all the Bible and life. Across the subsequent classes, the answers to any and all questions that arise can be rooted in Genesis 1-3.

2] The Law of Moses/Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy).

3] The Historical Books (Joshua through Esther).

4] The Poetic and Prophetic Books (Job through Malachi).

5] The New Testament.

6] Church History.

7] Pagan Religions and Secular Constructs.

8] Living Biblically in the Face of a Pagan and Secular age: The Co-extensive Nature of Biblical Theology 101 and Political Theology 101.


[The online classes, as recently re-engaged, are here]

  • TEI Class 1: The Power of the Level Playing Field (Matthew 21-22: Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies). March 23, 2019: Click here (1:07:34).
  • TEI Class 1a: The Power of the Level Playing Field: Summation (Matthew 21-22: Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies: Paradigm for Church and State). March 30, 2019: Click here (11:23).
  • TEI Class 2: Genesis 1:1: In the Beginning; Radical Nature v. Pagan Mythology and Secular Constructs; the Nature of Assumptions; Testimony of Conversion, through Creation, from being an Agnostic Unitarian. April 5, 2019: Click here (58:00).
  • TEI Class 3: Genesis 1:1: The Name of Yahweh Elohim; the Graf-Wellhausen Higher Critical Theory; a Muslim Salafist at Hyde Park; the Politics of the Heavens and the Earth. April 13, 2019: Click here (41:31).
  • TEI Class 4: Genesis 1:2: The visible and the invisible; the introduction of parallelism; the opposites of the abyss and the work of the Spirit. April 18, 2019: Click here (15:24).
  • TEI Class 5: Genesis 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 3:19ff: Satan’s Original Anger and the Impact on the Male Temperament. April 27, 2019: Click here (34:28).
  • TEI Class 6: Genesis 1:1-5; John 1:1-5: Darkness and Light. June 4, 2019: Click here (13:53).
  • TEI Class 7: Genesis 1:5: Darwin and the Structure of the Days of Creation. June 8, 2019:  Click here (45:11).
  • TEI Class 8: Genesis 1:6-28: Walking through the progress of the Days of Creation, and the Image of God as Male and Female. September 4, 2019: Click here (31:32).
  • TEI Class 9: Genesis 1:26-2:4a: The Image of God, the Armies of the Heveans and the Sabbath. September 17, 2019. Click here (23:13).
  • TEI Class 10: Segue from Genesis 1 to 2; and 2:4b-7: Nephesh and Personhood. September 23, 2019. Click here (31:00).
  • TEI Class 11: Preamble to Freedom: The Walled Garden, Historicity, and the Nature of Covenant. October 13, 2019. Click here (31:51).