TEI Care Experiment …

John Rankin (4 August, 2017)

I am looking for at least 300 families who will risk $150.00 each in a noble experiment. And I am convinced it will thrive. As you read www.teicare.org, the emphasis is on natural means in healthcare, rooted in positive assumptions in the biblical order of creation. As it succeeds, these monies apply to the first month’s participation.

I view and interpret everything through this biblical prism, and am always eager to test myself to see if my interpretations hold up. This is true here, as the order of creation gives us a topographical view of any territory.

Now, my father, Emmet Clair Rankin, M.D. (1918-2010), was a Nebraska boy with common since, and who served in WWII with the Navy in the Pacific. He was asked to start the Connecticut Blood Bank in 1950, and served as chief of hematology at the Hartford Hospital for the subsequent four decades. He had a topographical view of all medicine, knowing biology, zoology and Latin inside out, and he became well known among his peers for his excellence in diagnosis.

He told me on numerous occasions that all drugs are by definition poisons, and should only be used to counteract an otherwise unmitigated toxin in the body, and then, for the shortest period possible. Then, especially, only to use what occurs in nature: 1) aspirin, 2) calcium, 3) digitalis, 4) hydrogen peroxide, 5) morphine, 6) penicillin, 7) quinine and 8) streptomycin. Now calcium is technically a foodstuff, but my Dad included it as a natural drug in his medical practice due to its remedial effects.

Dad said no to synthetic drugs, but also knew the difficulty in such a position, in that they do deeply permeate and govern our medical culture today. The more they are used, the more difficult it is to withdraw from them, and to do to, it may mean the temporary use of other synthetics.

My wife Nancy was diagnosed with Lyme Disease some years ago, and became seriously crippled as a result. Her only alleviation was through a doctor (a genius) who only used natural means. She is 90 percent better as a result. She did need the steroid prednisone for a season. And if she were able to see him more often (he is most of 1,000 miles away), if would be closer to 100 percent. We also have a son who has suffered immensely under synthetic drugs, and now that he is off most of them, with the rest to follow, he has moved rapidly into full health.

This is why TEI Care is a moral covenant, and not a set of legalistic boundaries. What makes it possible to work is mutual trust and working together toward the most natural care possible. As we grow in number, we intend to recruit the wisest naturopathic practitioners — in all fields — into our fold.