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[Two brief videos: 1) QuestionsforJahana.org – Click here: A Daughter of Slavery and a Son of Abolition; 2) QuestionsforNed.com – Click here: Is it Time to Abort Face Masks for Healthy People?]


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John Rankin for the United States Congress (JohnRankin.us)

[Fifth District in Connecticut; click here and click here]


Founder: PrePartisan.org

Founder: EmancipationParty.us






Yes to Honest Politics


Is Honesty in Government Possible?

Is Racial Justice Possible?

Is Fairness in the Media Possible?


Yes, Yes, Yes




[Click here for the Video (4:22): The Radical Theological Foundation for Honest Politics]

[Click here for the Video (5:41): An Invitation for all Political Partisans to Join Prepartisan.org]



  • For decades, John Rankin has addressed the most controversial political debates. He thrives on being asked the toughest questions.

  • In all situations, John pursues the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

  • An invitation is extended to Jahana Hayes (D), incumbent, and David Sullivan (R), challenger, to a) join PrePartisan.org or offer a better means to assure honesty in politics, and b) join in Candidate Debates which John will organize across the district:

1] What are the Science and Politics of Covid-19? Click here for video (4:54).

2. QuestionsforNed.com (1). July 2, 2020: Is it Time to Abort Face Masks for Healthy People? Click here for video (1:11).

b. QuestionsforNed.com (2). June 13, 2020: Time to End the Executive Orders? Click here for video (1:10).

c. QuestionsforNed.com (3). May 17, 2020: Twelve Questions for the Governor to Answer: Click here for video (2:11).

d) QuestionsforNed.com (4). May 7, 2020: Virology 101, Immunology 101, Politics 101: Click here for video (6:49).

e) A Requiem for Covid-19. And a Suggestion for President Trump. 16 June 2020. Click here for video (1:28).

2] What is the Healthiest Approach to Racial Politics?

a. Click here for the Video (2:30): QuestionsforJahana.org: A Daughter of Slavery and a Son of Abolition]

b. Click here for overview video (15:35).

c. Click here for video: Rev. John Thomas Rankin’s Letters on American Slavery (1836) [5:37].

3] Is Full Transparency in Government Possible? [Video: click here (9:11)].

4] Man and Woman in Marriage: Necessary or Outdated? [Video: click here (15:29)].

5] What is Equal Justice for Women and Their Unborn? [Video: click here (10:23].


[For the website of Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Jahana Hayes, go to JahanaHayes.com]

[For the website of Republican challenger Attorney David X. Sullivan, go to DavidXSullivan.com]