That Angry Darkness: An Ex-Unitarian Meets Satan Face-to-Face

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July 5, 2019

Dear Friends —

The pre-publication issue will be shipped on July 12 to all who have made a donation, as an initial private sale fundraiser for the TEI. This book is far deeper than phenomenology, also being a theological diagnosis of the uncontrollable and destructive anger of Satan from Genesis to Revelation, and its impact on all of us.  Twenty pages of theological introduction, then some 240 pages of true stories. It ministers to the soul.

  • For $150 in support for the TEI (, a signed copy will be available until formal publication. Please be sure to include your postal shipping address and phone. And if you are not yet a member of, you will thus also qualify.

All blessings in Jesus —




Introduction – 4: A Biblical Sketch of Satan’s Angry Nature

Chapter One – 23: A Unitarian Boy Becomes A Skeptic of Skepticism

Chapter Two – 45: Divine Epiphany in St. Michael’s Chapel

Chapter Three – 53: Meeting Satan Face-to-Face at St. Michael’s Chapel

Chapter Four – 61: The Good Fruit of My Prayer Life

Chapter Five – 69: Self-Deception, Normantown and Jezebel

Chapter Six – 90: In the Face of Massachusetts Politics

Chapter Seven – 103 Demons at Street Level and University Level

Chapter Eight – 119: Exile, Return and Wider Conflict

Chapter Nine – 136: A Most Remarkable Saga

Chapter Ten – 223: Demonic Hatred of the Ten Commandments

Chapter Eleven – 243: Demons at Play in a Professing Atheist

Chapter Twelve – 254: Near Fatal Demonic Attack in Oxford