Bill Baird: The Lonely Pro-Abortion Warrior

John C. Rankin

I report elsewhere concerning a pro-abortion rally at the Boston State House in the spring of 1990 (click here, second part of the article), just a block from my office at the time, at 6 Beacon Street. Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts was lobbying for a pro-abortion legislative purpose, and they had 200 supporters there. I had 11 supporters of the New England Christian Action Council present with our dramatic signs from the Sacred Assemblies for the Unborn (SAU) [click here to see, item #4, our present signs, which are essentially the same as in 1989, but with two new ones as well].

Bill Baird was there, approaching the various media present, always good for an interview as the reputed “father of the abortion rights movement.” As well as our supporters, several people from the Massachusetts Citizens for Life leadership were present. In speaking with one, I learned that many people in Planned Parenthood and the larger pro-abortion movement had bad blood between them and Baird, but I do not recall the reasons. It seemed to be a matter of ego-turf.

After the event, I ran into Bill walking down Bowdoin Street, and we stopped and spoke for five or ten minutes. We engaged in some of the issues of debate in a conversational tone, and as such I sought for ways to touch his humanity. As we parted, he downhill, and me uphill, I remember sensing such a spirit of oppressive loneliness hovering over his person. I could only pray for God ‘s grace to intervene.

In sitting down to write this post, I checked Bill Baird on Wikipedia, now 83 years old. In the last category, Books, this entry is found: “In 2012 Joni Baird finished Bill Baird’s biography after nearly thirteen years of research and writing. She is still seeking an interested literary agent to help get Bill Baird’s biography published.” The lonely pro-abortion warrior.


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