TEII Leadership School

Taught by John C. Rankin

Biblical Theology 101 and the Mission Field of Politics




There are eight sections taught in a continuum:

1] Genesis 1-19 and the Power to Interpret the Whole Bible and Life.

  • The interpretive leverage of Genesis 1-3, in defining the story line of creation, sin and redemption, and its immediate outworking in Genesis 4-19, interprets all the Bible and life. Across the subsequent classes, the answers to any and all questions that arise can be rooted in Genesis 1-3.

2] The Law of Moses/Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy).

3] The Historical Books (Joshua through Esther).

4] The Poetic and Prophetic Books (Job through Malachi).

5] The New Testament.

6] Church History.

7] Pagan Religions and Secular Constructs.

8] Living Biblically in the Face of a Pagan and Secular age: The Co-extensive Nature of Biblical Theology 101 and Political Theology 101.


[The online classes, as more recently re-engaged, are here]

  • TEI Class 1: The Power of the Level Playing Field (Matthew 21-22: Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies). March 23, 2019: Click here (1:07:34).
  • TEI Class 1a: The Power of the Level Playing Field: Summation (Matthew 21-22: Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies: Paradigm for Church and State). March 30, 2019: Click here (11:23).
  • TEI Class 2: Genesis 1:1: In the Beginning; Radical Nature v. Pagan Mythology and Secular Constructs; the Nature of Assumptions; Testimony of Conversion, through Creation, from being an Agnostic Unitarian. April 5, 2019: Click here (58:00).
  • TEI Class 3: Genesis 1:1: The Name of Yahweh Elohim; the Graf-Wellhausen Higher Critical Theory; a Muslim Salafist at Hyde Park; the Politics of the Heavens and the Earth. April 13, 2019: Click here (41:31).
  • TEI Class 4: Genesis 1:2: The visible and the invisible; the introduction of parallelism; the opposites of the abyss and the work of the Spirit. April 18, 2019: Click here (15:24).
  • TEI Class 5: Genesis 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 3:19ff: Satan’s Original Anger and the Impact on the Male Temperament. April 27, 2019: Click here (34:28).
  • TEI Class 6: Genesis 1:1-5; John 1:1-5: Darkness and Light. June 4, 2019: Click here (13:53).
  • TEI Class 7: Genesis 1:5: Darwin and the Structure of the Days of Creation. June 8, 2019:  Click here (45:11).
  • TEI Class 8: Genesis 1:6-28: Walking through the progress of the Days of Creation, and the Image of God as Male and Female. September 4, 2019: Click here (31:32).
  • TEI Class 9: Genesis 1:26-2:4a: The Image of God, the Armies of the Heveans and the Sabbath. September 17, 2019. Click here (23:13).
  • TEI Class 10: Segue from Genesis 1 to 2; and 2:4b-7: Nephesh and Personhood. September 23, 2019. Click here (31:00).
  • TEI Class 11: Preamble to Freedom: The Walled Garden, Historicity, and the Nature of Covenant. October 13, 2019. Click here (31:51).