Proposed Resolution #2 for the U.S. Congress and the Legislatures of the Several States:

Human Abortion and a Process of Informed Choice

We recognize that the U.S. Constitution defines three principal arenas of unalienable human rights, and with a specific order – life, liberty and property. For these rights to be protected, they must be defined.

The 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision left the beginning of individual biological human life undefined. We believe this matter must be addressed by the nation’s electorate. If there is truly no consensus as to the beginning of an individual human life, let it be shown, and the status quo will hold and be strengthened. If, however, a clear consensus emerges, let it be instructive.

The Legislatures of the several States and the U.S. Congress should poll its members to answer the following question, and the several States should place this simple non-binding multiple-choice question on their ballots:

In biological terms, when does an individual human life begin?

Mark a cross X next to the answer you prefer. Only vote for one.

A. Conception [  ]

B. Viability [  ]

C. Birth [  ]

D. Write-in [  ]: specify a different biological term __________


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House of Lords 17 October 2017

Text of John Rankin’s address on the occasion of the 500th annive5rsary of the Reformation.