Economics, TEI Care, TEI Bank & Covenant Islands

  • “Economics” refers to the management of the family or household, and the faithful marriage of one man and one woman in mutual fidelity is essential to economic health and prosperity.


  1. Economics and Trust (click here).
  2. Economic Justice (click here).
  3. The Judas Economy (click here).
  4. The Devil and Violent Trade (click here).
  5. The Etymology of Economics, Trust, and the Power of the Simple Contract (click here).
  6. The Simple Contract and How to Reverse the Economic Crisis (click here).
  7. TEI Care: Trust and Simplicity in Healthcare (click here).
  8. TEI Bank (click here).
  9. The Network of Covenant Islands [NCI] (click here).
  10. TEI Year of Jubilee (click here).
  11. Cities of Refuge (click here).
  12. 100 Most (click here).
  13. TEI Health Kit (click here)
  14. The Economic Focus in the Parables of Jesus (click here)
  15. TEI Care Experiment … (click here)