John C. Rankin

(January 30, 2013)

The vision of 100mostbasic.com is in local retail stores, linked by an internet identity, where the most basic100 items we need on a daily, weekly or regular basis, are available. All items will be as organic and natural as possible, and of the highest quality.

Our consumerist society traffics in cheap, disposable and synthetic products, oftentimes shipped from great distances at high cost in transport, fuel and pollution to the ecosphere. We suffer from too many choices in the trivial. A biblical foundation in the oikonomos (economics) of the family and local community aims for quality products for daily life, and as locally produced as possible. Trade, within the nation as well as internationally, is good if we are looking at products that cannot be produced locally, with other variables at play as well. But local on outward is the definition of a healthy society, not international on inward.

Also, when we firstĀ  focus on the products we need, and not on trivial wants, then the up front cost for higher quality ends up being equal or less in the long run. For example, in a diet where organic foods are the priority, it costs more. But when our bodies enjoy real food, we eat less, are healthier, and thus we buy less food. And too, the food that competes with the organic and natural is mass produced (which drives down the costs), full of GMOs and synthetics, simple refined sugars etc., and in sum, very unhealthy. Our national and international health suffers greatly as a result, and our healthcare costs thus skyrocket. Thus, 100mostbasic.com is a modest retail vision to serve health of the oikonomos (household and community) in simple ways.