Proposed “Liberty Law” for the U.S. Congress to Consider

John C. Rankin (15 March, 2017)

   Here, on the Ides of March, 2017, it looks like the Trump Administration has a long “legal” uphill climb in order to protect the nation from the possibility of Islamic jihad via immigration, whether first or second generation in nature.

The problem with U.S. law in these recent decades is an ever-increasing god-state with its bureaucratic nightmares, and there are always lawsuits to file, merited or unmerited. Thus, this legal fight promises a long and messy life.

The simple way to stop this nightmare is by the U.S. Congress passing a law that is above reproach in its nature and scope, that which is already fully constitutional, but reiterated here of necessity. What member of the Senate or House can object to its content? For indeed, it singles out no religion, but treats all people equally. Here is the proposed law:

   All citizens, visitors and other persons living in the United States, or its territories, must affirm the following:

   “I affirm that all persons living within the jurisdictions of the United States of America have full religious, political and economic liberty under the rule of law.

   “I thus affirm that all such persons are free to change their religious, political and/or economic affiliations as they see fit, free from any forms of coercion.” 

This language raises many questions from various angles. The central one is this: To what extent do Muslims in the United States embrace the religious liberty for people to enter as well as exit Islam? And this question is equally applicable to all people, regardless of religion and persuasion.

Quite simply, all present U.S. citizens would be immediately accountable to this law. Those who are visiting or seeking to immigrate – all non-U.S. citizens – are required to sign an agreement to this simple law, and/or be videotaped accordingly. One verified violation and they are subject to deportation.

I am eager to see any possible objection, for there are none, except from those who do not wish to honor constitutional law.