GodTube Questions for Islam #3: Is Allah Greater than the Human Concept of the Number 1?

John C. Rankin (December 16, 2010)

In my blog, and especially YouTube interactions with this series, many good questions have come forth. My third blog post and video was set to address the question of the Son of God, and the fourth, the nature of the Trinity.

But before I can get to these, we have to look at a prior issue, namely, the nature of space, time and number.

Therefore, here is a question: Is Allah greater than the human concept of the number 1? Yes or no.

The Hebrew of Yahweh Elohim means that the one true Creator, introduced in Genesis 1-2, is greater than the human measuring terms of space, time and number. This is unique in recorded history.

But in the Qur’an, Allah is repeatedly described as only singular, thus limited in identity by a human number. As well, in the Qur’an, Allah himself does not come into the space and time of the created universe to relate to humanity, indicating a limited reality again. Is this a fair understanding and concern?