Questions for Ned

By John C. Rankin

[17 May 2020]

[Also on YouTube}


Beginning with Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, I invite any State Governor or other political leader to address these questions with me in a public forum open to and/or broadcast to all.

1]  What is the definition and origins of viruses?

2]  What is the definition and origins of disease?

3]  Do viruses ever cause disease?

4]  What is the definition and nature of the immune system, how is it attacked and how is it best strengthened?

5]  Where before in the history of free societies have healthy people across a state, a nation or internationally, ever been quarantined?

6]  What happens when healthy people are quarantined?

7]  Can an n95 surgical mask keep out any virus?

8]  Are there any downsides for healthy people wearing masks?

9]  What is the average ratio of success for vaccines, whether for influenza or otherwise?

10]  Is the intrinsic nature of “social distancing” healthy or pathological?

11]  How does the First Amendment relate to these questions?

12]  What is the legal basis for State Governors, via executive fiat, to suspend the First Amendment, to suspend habeas corpus?