Recruiting for Lesbianism

John C. Rankin

[excerpted and adapted from First the Gospel, Then Politics …, 1999, Vol. 2, not published]

I have addressed two Mars Hill Forums at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts (an undergraduate woman’s college). Smith is well known for its lesbianism, where, in the consensus of many, about half the students are or experiment with lesbianism. In fact, many who experiment with it, only to later marry a man and have children, are view as traitors. In other words, it is a recruiting world. And yet, on both occasions, the Gospel was well received, beyond anyone’s expectations.

I was once told a story by some friends whose daughter was recruited into lesbianism. She was married with two young children and suffering some emotional problems. So she went to a counselor at a well-known psychiatric hospital. The counselor turned out to be a lesbian, and she counseled the young women that her problem was that she was a lesbian, did not know it, and that her emotional problems stemmed from this “fact.”

Thus, by “coming out,” this woman was counseled that her problems would be resolved. She never had a lesbian thought in her life to that point, but in her emotional vulnerability, she was then seduced into a lesbian relationship, the de facto renunciation of her Christian faith, and the abandonment of her husband and children. And her emotional problems only exacerbated thereadter. The pansexual jihad has infiltrated the whole “therapeutic” industry deliberately, recruiting passionately. It is truly like Sodom, and stories like this one are everywhere to be found.