The Biblical References to the Nature of Sodom and Gomorrah

John C. Rankin (April, 2010)

The nature of Sodom and Gomorrah is easily misunderstood as only referring to homosexuality. Rather, it refers to a comprehensive reality of lawlessness, rooted in the brokenness of the marriage covenant – one man, one woman, one lifetime. Here is a summation of the biblical witness.

  • The 24 biblical texts which refer to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are: Genesis 13:10-13; 18:20-21; 19:1-29; Deuteronomy 29:16-28; 32:31- 35; Isaiah 7:1-21; 3:8-9; 13:19; Jeremiah 20:16; 23:9-14; 49:18; 50:40; Lamentations 4:6; Ezekiel 16:44-58; Amos 4:11-12; Zephaniah 2:8-11; Matthew 10:11-16; Matthew 11:20-24; Luke 10:12; 17:26-37; Romans 9:29; 2 Peter 2:4-9; Jude 5-8; and Revelation 11:7-12. In these passages, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are spoken of as “detestable” (shaqatz and toevah in the Hebrew).
  • The Bible then refers to the sin of the “Sodomites” in various contexts: the qadeshim (male shrine prostitutes) in Deuteronomy 23:17-18; 1 Kings 14:22-24; 15:12; 22:46; 2 Kings 23:4-14; and Job 36:16. In the LXX of Deuteronomy 23:18, the qadeshim are rendered by the Greek kunes, in reference to dogs in heat without control; and Jesus uses the same language in Revelation 22:14-15.
  • As the exegesis of these texts shows, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, which we can call “sodomy” in the broadest sense, are far more then homosexual acts or identity, but rooted in pansexuality’s intrinsic nature:
  • Sodomy is evil – the biblical texts use the language of: sinning greatly, grievous sin, wickedness, bad deeds, evil deeds, doing wrong, against hospitality, and it strengthens the hands of evildoers.
  • Sodomy is sexual perversion – the biblical texts use the language of: filthy lives, adultery, depraved, prostitution, a staggering, lewdness, and is highlighted in the sexual perversion of an attempted pansexual rape of men against perceived men.
  • Sodomy is lawlessness – the biblical texts use the language of: lawless deeds, lawless men, unjust power, lies, a dangerous public square, pagan rulers, and the trampling of the oppressed, fatherless and widows.
  • Sodomy forsakes the image of God – the biblical texts use the language of: the loss of a home in God’s presence, and the reduction of identity to a sub-human status (a dog).
  • Sodomy is the worship of false gods – the biblical texts use the language of: detestable images, idols of wood, stone, gold and silver, sacred stones, Asherah poles, worship articles for Baal, weavings for Asherah, high places, the vile god Chemosh, the vile goddess Ashtoreth and the vile god Molech.
  • Sodomy occupies the same territory of the idolatrous triad of astrology (worshiping the starry hosts), sacred prostitution and child sacrifice.
  • Sodomy is detestable.
  • Sodomy equals the breakdown of marriage and the family.
  • Sodomy equals pagan culture in its fullness – the biblical texts equate it with the cultures of Noah’s days, Babylon, Egypt, Philistia, Edom, Moab and Ammon.
  • Sodomy wants cultural approval – the biblical texts speak of: the whole cultural support given by Sodom and Gomorrah, the ability not to hide its acts, and the love of parading in public.
  • Sodomy provides false security with its “attractive” culture – the biblical texts speak of: the false safety Lot’s wife and sons-in-law placed in it, Moses referred to those who did likewise, and Lot was barely rescued from its temptation.
  • Sodomy seeks to infiltrate and take over the true worshiping community – the biblical texts speak of: the pagan prophets and priests inside Yahweh’s temple, and the housing of the homosexual prostitutes, whose wages help finance the temple.
  • Sodomy was opposed by the most godly of Hebrew reformers – Asa, Jehoshaphat and Josiah.
  • Sodomy crucifies the Messiah and his followers.
  • Sodomy will be judged and destroyed by fire – the biblical texts speak of: Yahweh’s fierce anger against sodomy, and how all the pagan cultures which embraced it – whether Sodom, Gomorrah, Babylon, Egypt, Philistia, Edom, Moab or Ammon, were overthrown; but judgment begins with the household of God – so Israel and Judah were overthrown, and so too will the unfaithful portion of the church.
  • Sodomy represents social anarchy and lawlessness rooted in a prior sexual anarchy and lawlessness.