Shalom, Justice, Race, Class & Ecology


  1. Shalom (click here).
  2. Justice (click here).
  3. Race and Class (click here).
  4. Ecology (click here).
  5. Shalom, the Rabbi and the High School Principal (click here).
  6. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Insights in 1844 – Gun Control and the Human Heart (click here).
  7. Mars Hill Forum #5 at Yale: Bishop John Shelby Spong and the Mockery of Amazing Grace (click here).
  8. Mars Hill Forum #9 at SUNY Buffalo: Animal Rights and the Bible (click here).
  9. Do we Dare Listen to Jeremiah Wright? (click here).
  10. Mars Hill Forum #139 with Jeremiah Wright: The Bible, Race and American History (click here).
  11. My Experience with Jeremiah Wright and the Media – Stuart J. Rankin (click here).
  12. Lunch with Black and Native American Pastors (click here).
  13. Mars Hill Forum #150: The New Nation of Islam (click here).
  14. Mars Hill Forum #150: Black Identity, the Bible and the Nation of Islam: In Pursuit of Freedom & Justice (click here).
  15. Mars Hill Forum #125: “How Can the Environment Best Be Protected? An Evolutionary View and a Biblical View”  (click here).
  16. (click here).