Slander of Pro-Abortion Activist Fed to Media, and Intimidation of a Lawyer Against a Prayer Meeting: An Amazing Saga

John C. Rankin

(April 3, 2014)

In my textbook, Genesis and the Power of True Assumptions (Second Edition), Part III is titled: Conflict in the Heavenlies. In pp. 566-642, I detail A Most Remarkable Saga. It is detailed and factually documented, in an understated tone, and probes a season of sorcery at the right hand of power in my own experience. In 1989 at the University of New Hampshire I ran into a remarkable and frontal demonic assault, merely by proactively representing the Gospel in the face of the debate over human abortion..

And in a similar proactive vein here, in 1993ff I hosted a modest prayer meeting where we interceded for justice and mercy in state politics, and the reaction to it was astounding. A remarkable saga followed where an activist working for Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), in Connecticut, fed slander and libel to at least seven media sources, and conspired with a lawyer to accuse the prayer meeting of plotting against the civil rights of people. And that I am a violent man. It continued for quite awhile before I become aware of it, and when I did, I shut it down with a series of phone calls and certified mail. Not a word ever since.

Here is a representative outline of the content:

  1. Background for the vision that led me back to my home state of Connecticut.
  2. The definition of “warfare prayer” (fighting demonic principalities, for the well-being of all people equally).
  3. Appearance of the conspiring pro-abortion activist at the University of Connecticut.
  4. The Nantucket Beacon.
  5. The Hartford Jewish Ledger.
  6. The Hartford Courant.
  7. Smith College.
  8. The New London Day.
  9. The New York Times.
  10. Appearance of the conspiring lawyer.
  11. “The most dangerous man in the state.”
  12. The Anti-Defamation League.
  13. The Waterbury Republican American-Republican.
  14. Confrontations with the lawyer and American-Republican journalist.
  15. The New Haven Advocate.
  16. Wrapping up the saga, and thus, self-censorship of all the accusers.