Thanksgiving, 1989: Report on Demonic Confrontation at the University of New Hampshire

John C. Rankin

In a prior article at the Sorcery at the Right Hand of Power icon, I report on the October, 1989, encounter with a demonic manifestation at the University of New Hampshire (click here). This was written in its own setting with a specific audience and purpose in mind, and added to some later. Below is another contemporary report, inside the text of the Thanksgiving newsletter to supporters of the New England Christian Action Council (NECAC), the salient portion of which is below.


Thanksgiving, 1989

[Dear Friends]:

Greetings in the love of the Lord. I pray that you can sit down with this letter, and spend 10 minutes or so with it in God’s presence.

We have had some astonishing successes recently in exposing the falsehood of abortion rights activists who masquerade under the slogan “pro-choice.” In fact, they are largely opposed to informed choice. And at the same time. we have never experienced so much demonic power, especially certain forms of witchcraft, coming against us with a deadly intensity. I cannot begin to tell you of the dozens of encounters we have had with demonic forces in recent months, but I do want to share one incident with you …


Om October 2, I participated in a debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. There were three panelists on each side. It was truly a circus arena, and two of our opponents were as dishonest and nasty as I have ever seen.

Afterwards, I was talking with the Methodist minister who supported abortion, a man of singular dishonesty, as the debate revealed. About six seminary students were with me, and about fifteen people total forming the circle of discussion. I was interrupted by a woman, who had questioned me from the floor earlier. She was intent on proving my argument to be intellectually lacking, and in her frustration in this endeavor (and refusal to listen to my answers)< she told me not to force my religion upon her. I said, as I had done so in the debate, that we were forcing nothing, only seeking to persuade in an open and free democratic society.

She then gazed intently at me and said, “Well, you know, my God is not your God!” I said, “I realize that,”: but nonetheless we both have freedom in a democratic society to try and persuade one another. At this point, like an uncontrollable volcano erupting out of her soul, she exclaimed, “Well, I don’t believe in democracy!” In other words, she didn’t like informed choice.

That statement was remarkable enough, but more astonishing yet was the fact that all fifteen of us, including this woman and her friends, immediately fell back one or two feet, as if struck by a powerful wind. The seminary students and I confirmed this reality in later reflection. Something powerful and occultic occurred.

Simply, I believe that a demonic power was forced to reveal itself as we moved closer to the truth. The truth is simply this: Satan is principally opposed to 1) accurate definitions of reality; and 2) informed choice to choose between life and death. The nature of the temptation of Adam and Eve reveals this — the devil sought to define death as life, and life as death, thus polluting informed choice as he seduced Adam and Eve. So too with human abortion. It is sold as necessary to “women’s lives,” and pro-lifers are accused of wanting women to die in back alleys. The truth that abortion destroys the life of the unborn and mocks women is exposed when the biblical ethics of informed are revealed.

The apostle Paul says: “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we taker captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

This is what was happening on the evening of October 2. It is what happens every Saturday in from of Preterm abortion clinic … Our opponents have virtually silenced themselves in our presence, we are hurting their recruiting efforts, and women are choosing to turn away from their abortion appointments.