TEI Journal


John C. Rankin

(February 1, 2013)

   The TEI has a vision to publish a journal, online to start, where honest investigative reporting is the focus. This is consistent with the power of informed choice, the third of the six pillars of biblical power and honest politics (click here), where facts need to be established before honest choices can be made. Honest journalism is also, by definition, pre-partisan in nature (prepartisan.org).

    Its lack in journalism today is profound. Historically, newspapers, magazines and journals have had partisan editorial purposes. This is part of the panoply of checks and balances in a healthy civil order. But, today, are partisan identities published up front, or hidden under the pretense of objectivity? The questions is this: How much journalism today only publishes “news” on a selective bias as to which “facts” to report on, or on which subjects to report? How much eyeball-to-eyeball investigative journalism actually happens?

   There are so many subjects not reported on that are genuinely newsworthy and necessary for the power of informed choice among citizens. To this end, the TEI Journal is envisioned, where it will be glad to be judged on a) putting its editorial perpsectives on the table up front, and b) fairly investigating subjects to first gain an honest grasp of the known or knowable facts. The very essence of the pre-partisan.