The Nature and Format for the Mars Hill Forums

Among Believers and Skeptics Alike – the Questions are the Same

(April 9, 2014)

  • In the Mars Hill Forum series, the widest range of viewpoints is sought on debated topics at the interface of the Gospel, politics and culture.
  • The forums have various formats, whether with John Rankin and one guest on chosen topic, and as moderated by a third party; or with John Rankin as moderator and low-key participant, with a panel of participants.
  • In the former, both participants give an opening address on the subject at hand, then they interact conversationally, then the audience participates, and final brief statements are made, with a moderator guiding the process.
  • In the latter, John Rankin gives a brief introduction, puts his presuppositions on the table, briefly defines the issues he sees at play on the given subject, the panelists likewise define the key issues as they see them, John and all panelists interact conversationally, with the audience being brought in at an early juncture, and from there the conversation and questions go where they will, then John closes it out with some final observations on what has been learned in the forum for all parties.
  • The biblical love of hard questions underscores all, serving the freedom for truth to rise to the top.
  • The goal is to have people leave the Mars Hill Forum thinking aloud with one another.