Topics for the Mars Hill Forums

Among Believers and Skeptics Alike – the Questions are the Same

(April 9, 2014)

The topics for a given forum are always in view of specific context, and thus exact titles vary widely. Here is a present list of potential forums:

  1. Does Atheism Exist?
  2. Is Obamacare a Good Idea?
  3. Is the “Arab Spring” Frozen?
  4. Is Sexual Freedom Really Free?
  5. Do all Paths Lead to the Same God?
  6. Is Same-Sex Marriage a Passing Fad?
  7. Is Spying Necessary to Protect a Nation?
  8. O Jerusalem! Questions of Shalom and Sala’am.
  9. Jesus and Muhammad – Is There Any Interface?
  10. What are Your Stories Concerning Good and Evil?
  11. Does “Sexual Freedom” Lead to Political Anarchy?
  12. Should the Size of Government Be Cut Drastically?
  13. Is Homosexuality a Genetic Given or a Real Choice?
  14. Does Abortion Free A Woman from Male Chauvinism?
  15. Has the “War on Drugs” Only Multiplied Human Agony?
  16. Darwin and the Days of Creation: What is True Science?
  17. The Bible, Race and American History – What are the Issues?
  18. What is the Nature of God’s Sovereignty and Human Freedom?
  19. Is Ancient Climate Change Being Exacerbated by Human Factors?
  20. Is There Any Remaining Debate Over the Biological Origins of Human Life?
  21. Free Market or Control Economy – How Do the Poor and Middle Class Prosper?
  22. Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Poison, Politicking and Profiteering – Can We Escape?