The Ten Commandments & Prayer in the Public Schools

  • The Ten Commandments are “words” (the literal Hebrew) of freedom that give protective boundaries for a healthy civil order, rooted in the worship of the one true Creator, where: 1) the prohibition against worshiping false gods is the ultimate protection against tyranny, 2) the prohibition against idolatry protects against the temptation to tyranny, 3) the prohibition against misusing the name of Yahweh our God guards the human mind and heart, 4) the honoring of the Sabbath protects the health of body, soul and land, 5) the honoring of father and mother guards the foundational nature of the family unit and produces long life in a good land, 6) the prohibition of murder protects the equality of all human life made in the image of God, 7) the prohibition of adultery protects the trust intrinsic to true marriage and against the broken trust of sexual promiscuity and its deleterious health and social consequences, 8) the prohibition against theft protects the biblical work ethic and honest property thus produced and acquired, 9) the prohibition against bearing false witness protects the rule of law and thus public safety, and 10) the prohibition against coveting a neighbor’s property is the protection against war.
  • Resolution #7 is for debate on the U.S. Congress and the Legislatures of the Several States, and paves the way for legislation more powerful than prayer in public schools, for the the seventh of seven non-binding referenda for non-binding statewide ballots, in the pursuit of the Pre-Partisan Caucus.


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