Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (13), December 19, 1985

Time Will Show They are Mistaken

Poor, exploited women are fortunate to have such steadfast support. Their middle-class siblings daily speak on their behalf. It must be a comfort to poor, exploited women to know they can receive unlimited, free abortions.

There must be security in knowing that middle-class siblings, in their middle-class homes, with their middle-class incomes are doing their middle-class best to vouchsafe the needs of poor, exploited women.

Deeds illuminate words.

People who can afford life’s basic, and not so basic needs, can put their lucre where their lips are. They can demonstrate concern for the poor, exploited women by tangible means. To the cart being stocked for holiday galas can be added a few cans of beans for the hungry. The next haunt to Bloomingdale’s can include comparable garments for the cold. The broker might be persuaded to make investments for the indigent. A raise can be given to the woman who scrubs toilets and floors for a living. The next shampoo and manicure can be expanded to include the luxury-less. Adherence ti the spoken word can purchase an extra ticket for the much-needed vacation, and give it to the weary.

The opportunities for practical help for poor, exploited women can be limitless. Show your belief, don’t tell it. Above all, do not shrill it.

P.S. Kudos to John C. Rankin. Let them shriek. Time will show they are mistaken.

Helen Lattanzi, 451 Washington St.