Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (14), December 19, 1985

My Response to the Abortion Issue

My response to John Rankin’s letter of December 11, is to ask the Times to reprint my letter of Dec. 3.

I am simply one of the many women dedicated to the right of all women for access to safe and legal abortion as an alternative for unwanted pregnancy.

My hope is that abortion will resume its rightful place as a private decision between a woman and her family.

My intent is not to change anyone’s personal beliefs about abortion or anything else.

Women who do not believe abortion is ethical because of their own personal and/or religious views, are plainly not going to have an abortion, I would assume.

Women who hold no religious belief or women whose spiritual/religious beliefs are not in conflict with abortion, have the choice of abortion, should one be necessary in their judgement.

Your beliefs set well with you, John. I’m comfortable with mine. My objection is not what you belief for yourself, but that you presume to think that your “beliefs” are “better” for people than their own!

Sandy Parsons, Castle Lane, Rockport