Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (19), December 27, 1985

Free Choice is an Important Right

Abortion is, and probably always be, a very personal and emotional issue. Fortunately we live in a free country where free choice is a very important and unique part of our lives.

The Gloucester Daily Times is a secular newspaper, not a religious forum for people like John Rankin. John should get a pulpit or church to preach in or voice his opinions. His own church does have a religious periodical. Why doesn’t he voice his beliefs in that and not waste my time and valuable space in the Gloucester Daily Times.

We are both thoroughly disgusted with reading his bible quotes in the newspaper. We are members of Planned Parenthood and advocates of free choice and not have the religious ideas of a few rammed down our throats.

H. Loring and Ann Mears, Folly Cove, Rockport