Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (23), January 6, 1986

Sanctity of Life — Greatest Issue

I would like to take exception to a recent letter in the Times which stated that certain issues, such as abortion, not be discussed in the “letters to the editor” column. I believe that this column is the proper place to discuss such matters, and I commend the Times for making this space available. In this vein, I believe that the greatest issue facing us today is the “sanctity of life” issue. The true measure of any society is not to be found in its wealth or technological achievements, but rather in the way in which it treats its most helpless citizens. We are rapidly becoming a society which kills ours. As a Christian, I believe we must develop a God-centered concern for the dignity and worth of Human life, born and unborn, and unless we do, all of our efforts to solve Man’s other problems, Nuclear War, Hunger, Racism, etc. are futile.

Charles Henderson, 13 Broadway Ave., Rockport