Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (25), January 10, 1986

We Must Protect Lives of the Unborn

This is to applaud the recent letters written by Thomas Griffith and John Rankin, defending the lives of the unborn babies and clearly defining what our responsibilities to the God who made us.

At the same time, I wish to address the words written by H. Loring and Ann Mears in a letter headed “Free Choice is an important right.” The writers single out John Rankin and attack him for using the Times as “A religious forum” to which I say, it’s about time that someone attacked abortion from a Biblical standpoint. For too long, most preachers of this land have been either silent or have pussy-footed around the issue, so maybe it’s up to the layman to get the true word out. It’s time that someone waded through the rhetoric of “pro and con” and held up for all of us to see: “Thou shalt not kill!”

Mr Griffith hit the nail on the head too, when he decried the favorite word of the abortion culture — “my choice.” The fact of the matter is, that although one has “free choice” regarding the killing of a life in the womb, that person also must bear the responsibility for the crime of murder, which carries with it a penalty — the death penalty (Genesis 9:6 among others).

The Lorings [sic] and Mearses of this land may get “disgusted” with Bible quotes, but it doesn’t change one thing: God’s laws are immutable and one day those who oppose those laws will answer for it. The abortioners are murderers. And the woman who allows the abortioner to terminate a life is an accessory to murder!

How can God bless this country when the blood of millions of innocent victims cries out, day after day?

Richard T. Darcy, Jr., Oaks Lane, Rockport