Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (26), January 10, 1986

Not the Time Nor the Place for It

I would like to suggest to Mr. William Taylor that if he intends to submit any more communications for public perusal that he weigh his words much more carefully.

I am a practicing Christian, though not a member of the New England Christian Action Council, but like John Rankin and many, many others, I believe very firmly that abortion is an offense against the law of God which says “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” But, though I believe this, I do not for the least fraction of a second accept the fact that I am a “nitwit” or an “extremist crackpot.” I expect if I were to take an IQ test the results would show that I am just an average, normal person.

Thank God, we in America still have the freedom of thought and expression, either oral or written. As an American, Mr. Taylor, you have no other alternative than to respect my right to differ with you, whether it is on the matter of religion, politics, foreign affairs or any other subject, and I have a corresponding obligation to you!

In this day of ecumenism and a healthy relationship between men and women of all faiths and creeds, it seems to me that this is not the time nor the place — on Cape Ann — for bigotry.

Mary Dickman, 12-B Atlantic Avenue, Rockport