Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (65), October 30, 1986

Seek Truth Between the Lines

So we condemn and torture a woman who “kills” her foetus as though she has suffered enough before and after the deed.

Was the Challenger explosion an abortion, was the Crucifixion an abortion?

Is mis-carriage and Act of God or the Goddess?

So the foetus desperately righting to escape its bad dream does back into the regenerating Source or Collective Unconscious, losing its chance to participate in this astonishing Spectacle.

This is the Age of the Dictatorship of the 30 Pieces of Silver, and the witch hunt against women compelled into a decision by an excruciating choice.

Man’s inhumanity to women and himself is an acceptable manifestation of spiritual violence.

The American Government is founded on the proposition that if the minds of the people are to be free, their ideas, beliefs, and ideologies must be placed beyond the grip of Government and Religion.

The Old Testament God was know loves Lucifer so well that He spends most of His time with him in hell.

Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Ecclesiastes, the Psalms, Job, the Song of Solomon, the Proverbs, a whole galaxy between the hammer and the anvil. But the editors of the Bible excluded the Gospel According to Thomas, the most revealing and rewarding of the 5 versions where the Divinity of Christ is.

Abortion is a violent termination of life, so is war and suppression, so is any method of killing, and so much of it happens within families, no hullabaloo or rage against that, just a family affair what a pity, but O the poor woman who resorts to abolish her pregnancy, propelled by anger,fear, insecurity, she’s only the means of an invisible machine.

Remember Medea?

The contest is between the Unplanned family and the Planned.

Sex education for the art of responsible spontaneity can minimize and eventually eliminate unwanted pregnancies.

Men who have presided over religious institutions for centuries may some day help free God to play ball with the Goddess. God cannot rule and guide the planet alone.

Violence, physical and mental, is the stiff of great art.

And yet Love, the illuminating principle, is no dogma’s and no one’s exclusive property to be dictated to.

The Boss in the head of a Ghost the carrying legs questions.

Let us seek the truth between the lines and consider for the Other in whatever straits who is ourself.

Vincent Ferrini, 125 E. Main St.