Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (73), November 10, 1986

Embracing Hope, Not Death

In her recent “My View” column, Dawn LeVie made some points concerning the choice of abortion that are worth addressing.

First, medical science has determined, without any doubt, that human life begins biologically at conception. That is the simple reality of the haploid sperm and egg united to form a genetically whole and unique person. Pro-choice advocates only seek to ignore or fuzz the reality — they have nothing positive to affirm on their idea of when life begins. And that is because of their agenda, which is to dehumanize the unborn.

Second, the true question is not the humanity of the unborn (we all arrived that way), but rather it is a question of what worth we assign them. Here, truly, it is a conflict of opposing value systems. At least my Christian world-view affirms the clear biological truths, while equally affirming the dignity of women. Those who argue for legalized abortion do so out of their own value system or religion that negates the unborn.

Third, I cannot, am not, nor do I wish to impose anything on anybody. I simply affirm the humanity of the unborn, laboring to restore them to the legal protection of our laws. If abortion is once again outlawed, it will only be because a majority of citizens wish it. I celebrate the democratic process.

There once was a time when the personhood of Black people was denied, in the British Empire and America. William Wilberforce and others had the courage and conviction to affirm the personhood of Blacks decades before the laws were changed. The analogy to the unborn today is clear.

Finally, can anything good be said for abortion. Can anyone look at its destructive reality and affirm it as part of an enlightened culture? Certainly there is much pain in life, but why add more pain? Why not embrace the courage of hope and nurture?

John C. Rankin, New England Christian Action Council, 11 Pleasant St.