Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (81), December 3, 1986

In Season or Out, I’ll Not be Silent

So Marshall Swan thinks that the issue of human abortion should be off bounds to this opinion page now that “the electorate has spoken.”

As if it were only a matter of political seasons? No, it is a matter of human life, a mater of making life nurturing choices that undergird a humane and just society.

Advocates of legalized abortion constantly wish the issue will fade away, for the status quo is presently in their favor. But “in season and out of season” I will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; I will labor to empower women to choose life for their unborn children.

In all due respect, Marshall, I shall die with the Gospel in my heart and on my lips, and that Gospel compels me to protect the unborn. You and others are free to ignore me, but I shall not be silent. I believe hope and nurture are far superior to despair and destruction.

John C. Rankin, New England Christian Action Council, 11 Pleasant St.