Gloucester Daily Times Debate on Abortion (89), February 17, 1989

Campaigning for Groups of Cells

There are hundreds of thousands of little children — children with bloated bellies, and sticks for arms and legs — who have recently died of starvation. And hundreds of thousands more are dying now, and will die tomorrow, because of lack of involvement by the world’s people. These are babies, toddlers and youngsters who have already seen the light of day, who have known the warmth of a mother’s love and have seen the world of which they know they are a part.

How many of the women and men in the anti-abortion and anti-contraceptive organizations are so moved by the fate of these children as to undertake practical, tangible action on their behalf, instead of concentrating their frantic energies on campaigning for the rights of groups of cells that have never known consciousness? I wonder, what is meant by a reverence for life?

Frieda Arkin, 1 Winthrop St., Essex