Miscellaneous Stories from the New England Christian Action Council: 1983-1991 [4]

John C. Rankin

(May 31, 2015)

These many years later, I am reviewing my files from full-time pro-life ministry, 1983-1991, when my office for the New England Christian Action Council (NECAC) was in Rockport, then Gloucester, then Boston, Massachusetts. I served as founder and executive director of what was always a shoestring operation. Here are various stories and communications that are worth recording, if for no other reason than I learned from them.

[4] State Care v. Christian Care

Here is the text of a handwritten testimony ca. 1984 from a source for whom I do not have the record.

“In considering the sacredness if life to God I thought of the “state school” I toured while a nursing student. It was an institution where children with severe handicaps & birth defects were placed when rejected by their parents at birth or when due to poverty, parents could not care for them. Most of the staff was hard working & dedicated but due to lack of state funds there were not enough staff to care for more than the children’s essential needs. Most of these children reached adulthood with few of the even most basic skills of life.

“In comparison to this I went to visit my girlfriend who on graduation, became a nurse as a school founded by Christian parents of a special child with the support of Christian churches. This school cares for children with the same handicaps & limitations of the state school children, but provides a larger Christian staff that gives not only basic care but love, acceptance and teaching. As a result these children are achieving “unrealistic” & “exceptional” goals. Their lives are full and growing and many have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Children without hope of ever leading active healthy lives are now walking, talking, laughing, loving & reaching out to help others. This school, it’s staff & children are proof to me that miracles happen when we turn from the cruel values of our society to embrace & treasure life as a creation of God.”