Proposed Resolution #3 for the U.S. Congress and the Legislatures of the Several States: 

Human Abortion and Male Irresponsibility

With regard to the social causes of human abortion, we understand the following:

  1. Women rarely if ever plan to get pregnant in order to have an abortion, and rarely do women regard human abortion as an intrinsic good. Rather, women most often view abortion as tragic and undesirable.
  2. Most abortions occur in situations where the woman is not married to the man who made her pregnant; or in other instances, where a marriage suffers stress to the point where the husband either leaves the marriage, and/or does not want the child to be born.
  3. In most abortion choices, some man is pressuring the woman to have the abortion, whether overtly or subtly.
  4. In cases where the woman is made pregnant by a boyfriend, if he would support her, especially by means of faithful marriage, she would more likely keep the child.
  5. Apart from the evil of rape or incest, women who get pregnant out of wedlock are complicitous to one degree or another; however, the man possesses the power to forsake her in her pregnancy.
  6. In such instances, the male irresponsibility pressures the woman a) to embrace the courage and sacrifice of single motherhood, usually with financial duress; b) to embrace the courage and sacrifice of placing the child for adoption; or c) to reify and abandon the child to abortion, much as the man who impregnated her has reified and abandoned her to begin with.
  7. Abortion is thus the ultimate male chauvinism, where such men regard women as sexual objects, who if made pregnant, are discarded like broken toys, sent off to be aborted, so they can be played with once again.
  8. Accordingly, “abortion-rights” do not serve women – rather it is most often a ruse for male chauvinists to trample women and children.

Thus, we affirm the following:

  • The equal protection for women and their unborn children will not occur until men start being responsible in their sexuality, and regard women as their moral equals and full partners where sexual expression is reserved for marriage – one man, one woman, one lifetime – and where the responsibility of fatherhood is fully embraced.