Welcome to teii.org, home of the TEI International, founded by John C. Rankin. The TEI seeks to advance the biblical love of hard questions across all human culture, and this is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. See onlygenesis.org for the theological foundation; prepartisan.org to transform politics through the Gospel; teicare.org for a biblical alternative to health insurance; and teibooks.com for John’s books: The Six Pillars of Biblical PowerThe Six Pillars of Honest Politics, Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies, Genesis and the Power of True Assumptions, and The Real Muḥammad: In the Eyes of Ibn Isḥāq.

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Redefining the Language of the Abortion Debate

The Power to Love Hard Questions can change the national debate over human abortion. This issue drives a growing panoply of social evils, and is Continue Reading ››

Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies

On the way to the cross, Jesus invited his sworn enemies to rake him over the coals with their toughest questions. If we grasp the Continue Reading ››