Sorcery at the Right Hand of Power

John C. Rankin

In the face of political conflict, the real battle is in the heavenlies between Christ and Satan, between holy angels and unholy demons. This means that no believer in Jesus Christ can have any political or human enemies, for this is the opposite of the Sermon on the Mount. Rather, it means that in the face of political evil, we war against demonic principalities through the spiritual and ethical power of living in the light, against which all demonic darkness by definition flees. We always honor the image of God within all people to the fullest possible extent possible, regardless of theological or political differences, knowing that truth will always rise to the top for those who are seeking it.


  1. Sorcery at the Right Hand of Power (click here).
  2. Intercessory Prayer and Politics (click here).
  3. Light and Dark in St. Michael’s Chapel (click here).
  4. Witchcraft in the Midst of Massachusetts Politics (click here).
  5. Demonic Interaction at the University of New Hampshire (click here).
  6. Piercing a Black Canopy of Evil (click here).
  7. The Visit of a Witch, and a Modest Prayer Meeting (click here).
  8. Slander of Pro-Abortion Activist Fed to Media, and Intimidation of a Lawyer Against a Prayer Meeting: An Amazing Saga (click here).
  9. Mars Hill Forum 11: Witchcraft at Smith College (click here).
  10. A Remarkable Demonic Assault (click here).
  11. First Veritas Forum at Harvard: Conversion from Paganism and the Demons Flee (click here).
  12. That Hideous Strength (click here).
  13. Joseph, Jesus and Paul: Warnings of Danger and Strategic Wisdom (click here).
  14. Thanksgiving, 1989: Report on Demonic Confrontation at the University of New Hampshire (click here).