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Click on the title link for each book, and it will take you directly to Amazon.com to place your order. For booksellers who want to order in certain quantities, contact teii@teii.org for wholesale prices. The first three books form a trilogy: 1) biblical theology and ethics 101; 2) based thereupon, political theology 101; 3) accordingly, strategic political ethics 101. Click on teibooks.com for a brief statement of purpose for each book.

The Six Pillars of Biblical Power (first published 2008)

The Six Pillars of Honest Politics (first published 2007)

Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies (first published 2011)

Genesis and the Power of True Assumptions (Second Edition; first edition published 2013)

The Real Muhammad (first published 2013)

The Judas Economy (first published 2014)

Changing the Language of the Abortion Debate (published 2016)

Changing the Language of the Abortion Debate - book cover image

Moses and Jesus in the face of Muhammad (published 2016)

The Freedom to Choose Hell (published 2017)

ITEM #1: The nine books (listed above) at discount.

$130.00 (taxes and shipping included; contact teii@teii.org).

ITEM #2: Application fee for TEI Care.

$150.00 per family unit. See teicare.org.

ITEM #3: Purchase the set of two wall charts:

For pricing, contact teii@teii.org.

ITEM #4: Purchase set of three pro-life SAU placards + fifteen SAU question placards.

For pricing, contact teii@teii.org.

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TEI International Leadership School

The foundation of Genesis 1-3 interprets the whole Bible, all church history, all political history and all world religions; indeed, it is the foundation for the most rigorous liberal arts education possible. Click here for the textbook: Genesis and the Power of True Assumptions (Volume 2), sixth book listed. Also see an outline of the seven classes taught in the TEI International Leadership School.


House of Lords 17 October 2017

Text of John Rankin’s address on the occasion of the 500th annive5rsary of the Reformation.