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  • As our thank you, you will receive a private edition of the updated Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies: A Paradigm Shift for Overturning Politics as Usual. This book aims to be published in due course by a publisher for widest possible distribution, and then the private publication will cease. Click here for the Introduction: A Dangerous Book. Click here for Chapter One: Why Did Jesus Have Enemies?
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  • The Emancipation Party (EP) is an LLC, purposed to teach political theology for participation in partisan politics, including candidates for political office, starting in Connecticut, then outward. It is not tax-deductible by design.
  • As the Emancipation Party finds enough success in the 2022 elections, it can then be recognized by the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) and the federal Elections Commission (FEC), register and operate within the their guidelines.
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