The Emancipation Party


Can We Handle Freedom and Create a New Political Culture?


1. Can You Imagine Complete Transparency in Government, and Connecticut Law Cut to 36 pages?


2. Would You Like to See a New Legislature Elected?


3. And thus, Emancipation from Self-Serving Government?




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John C. Rankin, Founder and Chairman

[Founded July 1, 2019: Starting in Connecticut]



The Emancipation Party holds three assumptions:

  1. The United States are founded on certain unalienable rights given by the Creator to all people – life, liberty and a free market economy – under the rule of law and based on the consent of the governed.
  1. The Golden Rule in political context is when all other partisan ideas are first given an honest listen.
  1. Hebrew covenant and the Gospel are the historical basis for unalienable rights, and for a level playing field where all partisan ideas are welcome to be debated.

This serves an honest definition of terms in political debate, where informed choice becomes possible, and honest law can result.


  • The goal is to cut the reach of state government as much as possible, so that its size and its taxes serve the maximum religious, political and economic liberty for all people equally. A starting point for open-ended public discussion is found in a proposed rewrite of the Constitution and General Laws of Connecticut to a simple and comprehensive 36 pages (see listed item [2] at This can lead to the end of imposed legalisms by the state and replace it with honest relationships.
  • Anyone who affirms the above is welcome to join the Emancipation Party, and any political candidate who affirms the same is welcome to seek the endorsement of the Emancipation Party, even while running as candidate for another party.

Click here for the Ethics of the Pre-Partisan and the Six Pillars of Honest Politics.

Click here for the Name of the Emancipation Party.

Click here for Article 1 on the Declaration of Rights in the Proposed Rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution.

Click here for Thirty Points of Simplicity and Transparency in the Proposed Rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution and General Laws.

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  • The process is initiated in webinars, churches, public venues and on outward, where a level playing field for all partisan positions is relentlessly invited; and alongside candidate schools for the 2020 elections.


  • Contact information: 1) via postal mail: Emancipation Party, LLC, P.O. Box 275, West Simsbury, CT 06092; 2) via email:; 3) via phone: contact John at the TEI: 860.408.1599.