The Emancipation Party (EP)


Purpose: Setting People Free in Matters of Religion, Politics and Economics

Aim: Simplicity, Trust and Transparency at Every Level of Government

Means: Cutting Law by 99% and Taxes by 50%



John C. Rankin, Founder and Chairman

[Founded July 1, 2019: Starting in Connecticut]

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Convening of the Emancipation Party Shadow Government in Connecticut, February 13, 2021


  • On Saturday, February 13, 2021, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the first meeting of the Emancipation Party Shadow Government will be held.
  • South Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford, CT (park in and enter from the rear).
  • To register, email and give the names and contact information. A modest registration fee will be set.
  • The purpose is to recruit people to run for office in 2022, to win the executive and legislative branches in state government, and to win the one U.S. Senate seat being contested, and all five U.S. House seats.
  • Step 1 is to put on the table John Rankin’s proposal to rewrite the State Constitution and General Laws, cutting them by over 99 percent, thus reducing the size of state government and taxes by 50 percent. All ideas are welcome, as the love of hard questions in open dialogue is at the core of The Emancipation Party.
  • At this first meeting of the Emancipation Party Shadow Government, we will review: 1) The Pre-Partisan and the Six Pillars of Honest Politics, and 2) The Declaration of Rights (both linked below).
  • Finally, we will consider how to recruit at least 12 EP patrons or members in each of the 151 state representative districts.



YouTube Links for the Introduction and Chapter One for the re-edited book: Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies: A Paradigm Shift to Overturn Politics as Usual:

  1. Click here for the Introduction: A Dangerous Book.
  2. Click here for Chapter One: Why Did Jesus Have Enemies?



The Emancipation Party aims for simplicity, trust and transparency at every level of government.

1] The means is the creation of a level playing field for all ideas and questions to be heard equally, rooted in the assumptions of Hebrew covenant and the Gospel.

2] The purpose is to cut the reach of the state and federal governments as much as possible, so that its size and its taxes serve the maximum religious, political and economic liberty for all people equally. This is emancipation.

3] The starting point is founded in a proposed rewrite of the Constitution and General Laws of Connecticut in 36 pages, and the United States Constitution and General Laws in 25 pages. These are published in The Six Pillars of Honest Politics (item 2 at To accomplish this will multiply freedom and prosperity for all.

  • Click here for the Ethics of the Pre-Partisan and the Six Pillars of Honest Politics.
  • Click here for the Name of the Emancipation Party.
  • Click here for Article 1 on the Declaration of Rights in the Proposed Rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution.
  • Click here for Thirty-Seven Points of Simplicity and Transparency in the Proposed Rewrite of the Connecticut Constitution and General Laws.
  • Click here for the Bill of Rights in the Proposed Rewrite of the Federal Constitution. Its General Laws express the same comprehensive inclusion of transparency as does the Connecticut proposal, but at the federal level.

4] For candidates who affirm the ethics and purpose of the Emancipation Party, they are welcome to seek our endorsement — regardless of whether they belong to another party or are non-aligned. Just contact us.


Contact information: 1) via postal mail: Emancipation Party, LLC, P.O. Box 275, West Simsbury, CT 06092; 2) via email:; 3) via phone: contact John at the TEI: 860.408.1599.