Men at the Table


Where Men talk About Being Men in a Culture of Toxic Sexuality

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(May 11, 2017)


  • What is man and woman?
  • What is the notion of “equality?”
  • Are there any differences?
  • What is the well-being of men and boys, and why does it matter for women and girls?

In Men at the Table, John Rankin will sit down with four good friends, and have a conversation starting with these and/or other questions. They will talk about how they understand the struggle to be faithful men, husbands, fathers, friends and those seeking to serve the common good. It will be spontaneous, easygoing and questions from the audience will be invited.

  • John Rankin is president of the TEI International (, and the author of ten books (nine in print; In his post-graduate studies at Harvard in the 1980s, his double-thesis included a review of the two leading academic feminists who criticize the Hebrew Bible as being chauvinist. In a 1994 Mars Hill Forum at Smith College, he hosted the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW): Do Feminism and the Bible Share Any Common Ground?
  • Rick Swenson is owner of the world renowned 200-year old Hitchcock Chair Company in Riverton, CT ( A self-described “common man,” he is the husband of one, father of four and grandfather of nine.
  • Glenn Sunshine is professor of history at Central Connecticut State University, and founder of Every Square Inch Ministries ( He is also a longtime worldview consultant for the Colson Center in Washington, D.C., and his next book will focus on The Origin of the Crusades as part of a larger series on the tough questions in Christian history.
  • Michael Shoaf is a pastor and business consultant.  He spent most of his career on Wall Street and has years of experience with ministries such as World Vision. The son of a homeless man, his forthcoming book and ministry, His Name Is John, profiles how he rescued his father from the streets and restored his humanity in Christ.
  • Steve Knowles has extensive experience as a media executive in Hollywood, New York and Boston, as a radio host and business entrepreneur, and is presently working on several screenplays.