Biblical Theology and Education

  • The predicate for sound biblical theology is located in the twelve positive assumptions of Genesis 1-2, aka “Only Genesis,” the six pillars of biblical power that follow from it, and as addressed in three books – Genesis and Power of True Assumptions, The Six Pillars of Biblical Power and The Six Pillars of Honest Politics (available at


  1. TEI (click here).
  2. The Gift of Thinking & a Skeptic Finds the Answer (click here).
  3. The Radical Theology of Genesis 2:16-17: Human Freedom: The First Covenant (click here).
  4. The Political Theology of Genesis 1-3 (click here).
  5. 1 + 1 = 2: But Can You Prove It? (click here).
  6. What is the Speed of Darkness? (click here).
  7. Yahweh Elohim: Greater Than Space, Time and Number (click here).
  8. The Hebrew “Nephesh” Defines Soul and Personhood (click here).
  9. The Theology of Only Genesis (click here).
  10. The Six Pillars of Biblical Power and Honest Politics (click here).
  11. The Power to Love Hard Questions (click here).
  12. The Wesleyan Quadrilateral (click here).
  13. The Babylonian Genesis (click here).
  14. The Bible as the Source for Verifiable History (click here).
  15. The Nature of Covenantal Law (click here).
  16. The Thunder and Wind of Yahweh’s Judgment: The Meaning of Genesis 3:8 (click here).
  17. Feminist Critique of the Bible (click here)
  18. Harvard Divinity School and Non-Imposition of Faith (click here).
  19. Ohio State University: The Freedom to Say No to the Gospel (click here).
  20. Mars Hill Forum at Unitarian Church: The Bible and Verifiable History (click here).
  21. Piano Tuning the Human Heart & the Good Infection (click here).
  22. TEI Classes (click here).
  23. TEI Seminars (click here).
  24. TEI Books (click here).
  25. TEI Webstore (click here).
  26. TEI Orchestra and Sacred Choir (click here).
  27. TEI Faces (click here).
  28. I Was Once Deceived – in “Normantown” (click here).
  29. God, Life, Choice and Sex: The Four All-Defining Subjects of the Universe (click here).
  30. Reconciliation After 43 Years, and Peace in Death (click here).
  31. God, Haiti and Hard Questions (click here).
  32. Mars Hill Forum #96: “Can A Good God Allow People to Dwell in Hell Forever?” (click here).
  33. Mars Hill Forum #119: If There is a God, Why Does Evil Exist? (click here).
  34. The Biblical Nature of the Level Playing Field (click here).
  35. Who Will Win More Souls: Heaven or Hell? (click here).
  36. A Critique of Raising Hell by Julie Ferwerda (click here).
  37. Letter to the Editor, Christian Century, February 19, 1986: Fundamentalism (click here).
  38. No Coercion in the Gospel, 1978 Outline (click here).
  39. TEI International Leadership School Class 29:1 (click here).
  40. TEI International Leadership School Class 29:2 Outline (click here).
  41. Emancipation Party Donate (click here).
  43. O Jeremy! O Jeremy! An Ode from a Father Who Desperately Loves His Son (video).
  44. O Jeremy! O Jeremy! An Ode from a Father Who Desperately Loves His Son (text).
  45. Memorial Service Celebration for Jeremy David Rankin (1985-2020).
  46. Order of Service (click here).
  47. Remembering Jeremy by Matt Kraines (click here).
  48. Obituary (click here).