Marriage or Pansexuality

  • The biblical way to address the debate over homosexuality, in love and prophetic reality simultaneously, is pursued in the articles below.
  • Also, there are seven questions concerning same-sex marriage that are rarely if ever addressed in the public debate. They have been fashioned into an amicus for the U.S Supreme Court’s April 28, 2015 hearing on same-sex marriage.


  1. Men at the Table (click here).
  2. Marriage or Pansexuality: Two Choices (click here).
  3. Male and Female in Marriage (click here).
  4. Male and Female Prisms on a Road Trip (click here).
  5. The Feminist Challenge (click here).
  6. Resolution #4: Human Sexuality and Civil Rights (click here).
  7. The Sexual and Social Anarchy of Sodom and Gomorrah (click here).
  8. A Homosexual Activist Asks: What About David and Jonathan? (click here).
  9. The Nine-Fold Agenda of an Elitist “Pansexual Jihad” (click here).
  10. The Ministers Affirmation on Marriage (click here).
  11. Seven Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Advocates (click here).
  12. The Sodom Lament (click here).
  13. College Baptism into the Homosexuality Debate (click here).
  14. When You are Invited to a Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony (click here).
  15. The Surprising Testimony of Three Lesbians at Harvard (click here).
  16. The Pain That Dares Not Speak its Name (click here).
  17. The Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature (click here).
  18. Winning an Honest Friendship with a Most Effective Lesbian Activist (click here).
  19. A Smart Lesbian Attorney and Her U.S. Supreme Court Case (click here).
  20. Questions Avoided in Same-Sex Marriage Legal Cases (click here).
  21. The Genetic Fallacy of the Language of “Gay” and “Gay Marriage” (click here).
  22. Does Anyone Object to a Good Back Rub [aka “Massage”]? (click here).
  23. Mars Hill Forum #39 with ACLU and Deeper Than Sex Itself: The Question of Pornography (click here).
  24. Homosexuality and Alcoholism? (click here).
  25. Does a Sex-Change Operation Change Ontology? (click here).
  26. Socio-Demographics and Homosexuality (click here).
  27. The Nature of AIDS and HIV (click here).
  28. Colorado Amendment and the Metaethics of Language (click here).
  29. Early Sexual Confusion in 1) a Neighbor, 2) a Midshipman and c) a Scientist (click here).
  30. Friends Who Struggled, and Mercy that Triumphs in the Face of Homosexual Temptation (click here).
  31. Homosexual Lawyer Who Prevailed in Boston in 1989, Admits What He Did Not Want to Admit on Live Radio (click here).
  32. An Honest Luncheon Conversation with a Homosexual Activist (click here).
  33. Early Debate (1994) on “Domestic Partnership” on Nantucket Island (click here).
  34. Mars Hill Forum #7: Homosexual Lawyer at the University of Rhode Island Calls Me “Too Dangerous to Educate” (click here).
  35. Mars Hill Forums #7 and #67 at the University of Rhode Island and Wesleyan University: Moral Schizophrenia and “Hate Language” (click here).
  36. Mars Hill Forum #17: Mel White, Former Evangelical Turned Homosexual Activist (click here).
  37. Mars Hill Forums #19 and #46, First Church of Christ and Chautauqua Institution: Congregational and Presbyterian Ministers Jettison the Bible (click here).
  38. Recruiting for Lesbianism (click here).
  39. Mars Hill Forum #27 at Yale Divinity School: Is Homosexuality a Gift of God? (click here).
  40. Mars Hill Forum #32: The Bible, Homosexuality, Homophobia and Eisegesis (click here).
  41. Mars Hill Forum #35 Adjacent to Syracuse University: Harry Freeman Jones and a “Confession” (click here).
  42. Mars Hill Forum #40: ALCU Attorney Lesbian Claims to be Happy, but Anger and Confusion Erupts (click here).
  43. Integrity in the Power to Love Hard Questions (click here).
  44. Interview by a Homosexual Talk Show Host (click here).
  45. Mars Hill Forums #49, #51, #53, and #56 at Trinity College, Boston University, Dartmouth College and the Unitarian Church, Portland, Maine: Unalienable Rights and Human Sexuality (click here).
  46. Mars Hill Forum #67 at Wesleyan University: Circus and “Hate Crimes” (click here).
  47. Mars Hill Forum #137 at Chase Collegiate: Question of “Hate Speech” (click here).
  48. Mars Hill Forum #70: Fred Phelps and the Idolatry of Hate (click here).
  49. Mars Hill Forum #70: A True “Son of Hell” (click here).
  50. Not Wanting to Hear: The Connecticut State Legislature and Hartford Courant (click here).
  51. Mars Hill Forum #80 at Smith College: Empty Intimidation by a Same-Sex Marriage Attorney (click here).
  52. YouTube from Mars Hill Forum #80 at Smith College: “Is Same-Sex Marriage Good for the Nation? (click here).
  53. Mars Hill Forum #11 at Smith College: Three Different Equations for Marriage (click here).
  54. Two Lesbians and a Transsexual Trying to Change Churches in Their Own Images (click here).
  55. Mars Hill Forum #120 at Brown University: “Religion and Queer Sexuality” (click here).
  56. Slander and Self-Censorship by a Homosexual Activist (click here).
  57. Same-Sex Marriage and Honest Conversation (click here).
  58. What Governor Romney Could Have Done to Stop Same-Sex Marriage (click here).
  59. The Biblical References to the Nature of Sodom and Gomorrah (click here).
  60. Hate Crimes and the Balkanization of Civil Rights (click here).
  61. Mars Hill Forums #74 (Boston University), #82 (Harvard University) and #138 at the First Cathedral, Bloomfield, CT, with Lesbian Activist Arline Isaacson (click here).
  62. Mars Hill Forum #120 at Brown University: “Religion and Queer Sexuality” – Original Blog (click here).
  63. College of Bangor: Special Rights or Civil Rights? (click here).
  64. Mars Hill Forum #114: “Is Homosexual Rights Legislation Good for Maine?” (click here).
  65. Mars Hill Forum #120 at Brown University: “Religion & Queer Sexuality” – Prepared Text (click here).
  66. Twin Dangers: The Temptation to Anger and the Intimidation to Silence (click here).
  67. Mars Hill Forum #27 at Yale Divinity School on Homosexuality – Earlier More Detailed Report (click here).
  68. Mars Hill Forums #105 and #106: Does “Coming Out” Help the Deeper Issues? (click here).
  69. Homosexual Partisans Who Fear the Level Playing Field (click here).
  70. Human Sexuality in Genesis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9-11, 16, 19 (click here).
  71. Moravian Forum (1): Statement of Rev. Dr. Susan Parker (Mars Hill Forum #154: Biblical Theology, Homosexuality and Pastoral Ministry) (click here).
  72. Moravian Forum (2): Statement by Rev. John C. Rankin (click here).
  73. Moravian Forum (3): John Rankin’s Notes on Susan Parker’s Statement (click here).
  74. Moravian Forum (4): An Ugly Incident (click here).
  75. Moravian Forum (5): Written Questions for Both Speakers (1,2,3) [click here].
  76. Moravian Forum (6): Written Questions for Both Speakers (4,5,6) [click here].
  77. Moravian Forum (7): Further Audience Questions (click here).