The Audacious Vision of the TEI Cohort (

(January, 2017)

  • Membership in the TEI Cohort starts at the threshold of $150.00 a year or $25.00 a month ( This includes online access to all filmed TEI classes (60-80 hours per year) and Mars Hill Forums (6-12 events per year, see below). And for certain economic visions here, those who have the vocations, skills, time and money to join in, there are various partnership and employment possibilities as their realities take form.
  • Genesis 1-3 interprets the whole Bible and all human history. For those who grasp the biblical literacy of this reality, nothing is impossible in a pagan and secular age, as we embrace the biblical power to love hard questions. The Gospel advances religious, political and economic liberty for all people equally.


1] The TEI International Leadership School is the foundation, where 60-100 classes of rabbinic styled learning covers: 1) the interpretive leverage of Genesis 1-3, with due focus on issues of religious, political and economic liberty as they arise; 2) its application to the entire Bible while always aiming at the hardest questions that Jewish and Christian history has wrestled with; 3) its application to church history, seeing where the church has been faithful or unfaithful to Genesis 1-3, and what we can learn accordingly; and 4) its application to all world religions and philosophies, as they compare with the realities in Genesis 1-3, and thus, how we honor the image of God in all people equally.

  • These classes, along with certain Mars Hill Forums and other events, will be filmed and made available online to all TEI Cohort members. The classes will be taught live at various locations, principally in Hartford, Connecticut, then uploaded to the member side of the TEI website within a matter of days.

2] TEI Headquarters: Monies will be raised a.s.a.p. to lease/purchase a building in Hartford, where the school will locate, and many other events and purposes rooted.

  • Staff needs start with an executive director, administrator, financial director and field director.

3] The Mars Hill Forum series is a cornerstone reality in the history of the TEI, and along cognate endeavors, pursues honest communication across the cultural barricades with any and all who question the trustworthiness of the Bible.

4] The Pre-Partisan Caucus is the political foundation to advance religious, political and economic liberty for all people equally, and rooted in grasping the biblical reality of “sorcery at the right hand of power,” with developed strategies for: a) cutting federal and state laws by over 99 percent, with a concomitant reduction of taxes by 50 percent, thus maximizing liberty, justice and prosperity; b) strengthening the covenant of one man and one woman in marriage; c) winning the full legal protection for women and their unborn equally; d) winning the rescue of women and their unborn in front of abortion centers; e) introducing biblical freedom to the Muslim world, and as the best means to overcome the agenda of jihad and Shari’a law; f) and on outward to any and all issues concerning freedom and justice.

5] The TEI Orchestra and Sacred Choir envisions a unique integration between classical Christian hymns (along with modern hymns that have classical potential), with theological content being always profiled.

  • A conductor needs to be hired at the outset, and the recording and marketing of such excellence follows.

6] Regular media and social media, in service to the TEI vision, includes a unique and dynamic alternative to Facebook.

7] The TEI Publishing House, beginning with John Rankin’s books, other material, and in time, other authors.

8] TEI Care is a radically biblical alternative to the health insurance industry, able to cover all people with the greatest comprehensive means, inclusion and charity; with the greatest quality, with the most modest costs, and all because of radical presuppositions drawn from Genesis 1-2.

  • The TEI Health Kit follows, with the emphasis on the organic and natural.

9] The TEI Bank is rooted in biblical simplicity, transparency and trust, with economic cognates that will prosper all members well.

  • TEI Jubilee is a biblically structured strategy to see debt release for all Christians and other interested persons, even in this pluralistic age.

10] The Network of Covenant Islands, radically rooted in Genesis 1-2, can transform third world and second world economies from the grassroots, and also the inner cities and rural zones of entrenched poverty in the first world.

  • TEI Refuge is an economic cognate that serves the greatest possible reduction of the prison population, serving genuine reintegration into a heathy social order.

11] Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies (book by John Rankin) can be made into a Passover Week film; and eventually the whole Bible can be put on film pace the theological foundations of the TEI.

12] The TEI Logo – in its theological integrity – becomes trusted in all endeavors, and in time worth billions, able also to create many businesses, all for the sake of building the kingdom of God.



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