The Vision of the TEI Cohort (


The Mission of the Gospel to the Whole Culture


John C. Rankin (February, 2019)


The vision of the TEI Cohort is below, transformative and most doable with the proper theological foundation. I have been working on such a foundation for the better part of four decades, and testing it in the midst of the most self-confident skeptics of the Bible I can find. Now it is mature.

  • Those who want to become members can join at a threshold of a one-time donation of $150.00 or more (click here), and/or through a monthly online pledge ( Membership is the gateway to participation at many thresholds, as well as investment in various of the biblical economic initiatives below itemized, and also for others in mind.

TEI Cohort Members affirm:

1] The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and the New Testament are full trustworthy in all they affirm.

2] The biblical order of creation (Genesis 1-2) establishes trust through the covenant of the marriage of one man and one woman for one life-time, and in parenthood. Accordingly, the building of a healthy and trustworthy society follows, and as Jesus explicitly ratifies.

Wherever the Light is present, the darkness is dispelled — theologically, physically, ethically and spiritually. The Light of the world is Jesus, and he calls his disciples also to be the light. How well do we live in the Light? There are six major arenas in culture where self-assigned elitist power tramples the religious, political and economic freedoms for the rest of the social order: 1) government, 2) education, 3) media, 4) business, 5) science and 6) the arts (acronym = GEM + BSA). Top-down power is an idol pursued in these arenas. And there are two prior arenas where biblical Christians have their identity and focus: the family and the church. Most of us do our best to keep these two in good order, and yet, the elitist and demonic powers in the six cultural arenas oppose us fiercely. We are called by Jesus to be salt and light in the whole culture, so how do we go about it? This is the vision for the TEI Cohort


  • The initial priorities are organized under the acronym of TEII:


1] Teaching: The Bible 101 and Political Theology 101: The TEI International Leadership School (

2] Engagement: Television series: The Bible and Politics (.org) and the Mars Hill Forum series (

3] Influence: A structural means to bring the Gospel into the mission field of politics, details forthcoming when ready, and which also includes The Pre-Partisan Caucus (

4] Issues: Teams of is step one, and as part of the TEI Pro-Life Coalition (


  • Other priorities follow when the time and resources are in place:

5] Seminar: Spiritual Warfare in the Face of Political Evil (click on

6] The Network of Covenant Islands (, an economic epiphany that came in the night in Uganda.

9] A Church for Questions (.org), a Saturday night vision for the whole church.

10] The TEI Orchestra and Sacred Choir (, classical worship with a missionary trajectory.

12] The TEI Publishing House (

13] TEI Care ( is a radically biblical alternative to the health insurance industry.

14] TEI Faces ( is a an idea for an intramural sharing between members of the TEI Cohort.

15] The TEI Bank ( is rooted in biblical simplicity, transparency and trust, with economic cognates that will prosper all members well.

16] TEI Jubilee ( is a biblically structured strategy to see debt release for all Christians and other interested persons.

17] TEI Refuge ( is an economic cognate that serves the greatest possible reduction of the prison population, serving genuine reintegration into a healthy social order.

18] Jesus, in the Face of His Enemies (book by John Rankin) can be made into a Passover Week film (; and eventually the whole Bible can be put on film pace the theological foundations of the TEI.

19] The TEI Logo – in its theological integrity – becomes trusted in all endeavors, and in time worth billions, able also to create many businesses, all for the sake of building the kingdom of God.